Podcast: Grammar Stories: So, Such

Grammar Stories: So, Such

Note: This ESL Library lesson has been recently edited. New audio to match the lesson is coming soon!
So and SuchDo your students know how to use so and such properly? Do they sometimes mix up these two words? Learning grammar in context is a great way for students to remember the rules. ESL-Library offers stories that focus on one grammar point at a time. You can pre-teach the grammar and then use the stories, or use the stories as a preview to your lesson. The worksheet that goes with this podcast is formatted like a blog. Your students can read and listen to the posts. In this collection of stories, Adele takes a trip to Toronto with her family. Here is an audio preview of our So and Such stories. The full Grammar Stories worksheet comes with three short readings, three question sets, and a few related activities. Preview all of ESL-Library’s Grammar Stories here. Please encourage your students to use our FREE podcasts. These can be used for individual listening practice or as a preview to the ESL-Library lessons that you use in class. Introduce your students to iTunes today!


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