Emergency Kit

Students work together as a “family” to design a home emergency kit.

Learner Level: Any level
Language focus: Vocabulary (Can also be used to review modals: We “should” include…We “could” add…)
Skills: Planning, brainstorming, presenting
Time: 10 + minutes
Materials: 1 piece of blank paper per group
Grouping: Small “families”
Preparation: None (You may want to go online and print off a sample “Emergency Checklist”.

Teacher instructions

1. Work together as  a class to discuss types of emergencies that would cause your local facilities and services to shut down. (earthquakes, acts of terrorism, war, hurricanes)
2. Divide the class into “families” of two or more.  (Groupings should be different sizes.)
3. Have students decide who is in the family. (mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, etc)
4. Tell students to divide the sheet of paper into four: Food, Medical supplies, Documentation, Other (special needs)
5. Have families brainstorm for ten minutes. What supplies should be in an emergency supply kit? Each family will have different needs. For example, a family with a baby may need extra formula or baby pain killers.
6. Create four large blank squares on the board. Go around the room and have families share what they packed in each corner of their emergency kit. Write the words in the appropriate squares on the board (or have student scribes do this for spelling practice)

Extra Task: Checklist

Invite your students to go online and look for an Emergency Supply Checklist. Is there anything your students forgot? They can do this for homework or via mobile phones or computer labs.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

You may want to consider making an emergency kit for your classroom instead or as a follow up activity.

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