Friends for a Season

Students describe friends they’ve had for a season, a reason, and a lifetime.

Learner Level: Intermediate
Theme: Friendship
Language focus: Retelling a true story. Discussing the past.
Skills: Listening and Speaking
Time: 10 minutes
Materials: None
Preparation: Think of 3 examples of friendship from your own life to tell your class about.

Teacher Instructions:

1. Write this quote on your white board (or say it out loud to your class): “Friends come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.” Ask your class to explain what this means.
2. Give an example from your own life for each of the three types of friendship. (Or use the examples below.)
3. Put your students in pairs (or small groups). Tell your students to take turns discussing these three types of friendships. (For lower levels, write these statements on the board:
— Tell me about a friend you had for a season.
— Tell me about a friend you had (or have) for a reason.
— Tell me about a friend you’ve had for a lifetime.

For Example:

Season: My friend Sunita came into my life for a season. I taught English at a school in my hometown for a short time. It was a terrible school and the teachers did not have proper training. Sunita stood out from the other teachers. She took me under her wing and convinced me that the students needed me. Together we did our best to put the students first. When the semester was over, we both left the school. It closed down shortly after. I never saw Sunita again, but she was a good friend for a season.

Reason: My grandmother’s best friend Jane became a friend of mine when my grandmother was sick. We were both sad to see such a lovely person suffering. We brought my grandmother gifts and spent time with her. Not only did Jane teach me the importance of a strong friendship, she taught me how to knit! Whenever I have a knitting question, I call Jane. We talk about how much we miss my grandmother, and she helps me fix my knitting mistakes.

Lifetime: My friend Ken has been a pal since grade six. We grew up on the same street. Our parents played cards together. For a short time in high school we stopped being friends. Then, we ended up at the same college. People always thought Ken and I would end up getting married, but we weren’t interested in a romantic relationship. When Ken got married he asked me to be his best man, even though I am a woman. I’m glad he married a woman who doesn’t care that his best friend is female!

Teacher 2 Teacher

If you have a small group (or if time allows) have each student report back to the class about one of the friendship stories.

Warm Up – Friends for a Season (Printable PDF version)


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