Four-Leaf Clover

Students tell true stories of hope, faith, love, and luck.

Learner Level: Any level
Theme: St. Patrickʼs Day; Luck
Skills: Storytelling; presenting
Time: 10–15 minutes
Materials: 4 blank pieces of green construction paper, markers
Grouping: 4 groups
Preparation: Cut out four large leaf shapes (on green paper if possible). Write one of the following words on each leaf: Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck.

Teacher Instructions:

1. Chat about symbols of luck. What is lucky in your studentsʼ countries? (If your students are all from the same country, what are some lucky symbols in other countries?)
2. Explain the legend of the four-leaf clover: Each leaf represents one thing: Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck. According to legend, the person who finds an uncommon four-leaf clover is expected to have good luck.
3. Separate the class into four groups. Assign each group a topic 1) Hope 2) Faith 3) Love 4) Luck.
4. Students take turns telling “true” stories about their topic to their group members. If a student cannot think of a true story, he or she can make one up. Students take turns being scribes. The scribe writes down his/her favorite example.
5. After a few minutes, tell groups to switch topics (pass the leaf) and start talking about the next topic. A new scribe will summarize his or her favorite example on the new leaf.
6. When each group has had a chance to talk about all four topics, tape the leaves together to create a story clover on your classroom wall. Ask students questions about the sentences on the clover. Who told the best story for each topic?

For Example:

Tiana hopes that her boyfriend will buy her flowers on the weekend.
Juan believes that God will look after all of his troubles. He prays every night before bed.
Mimi loves being a grandmother. She is happiest when all of her kids are home for the holidays.
Catherine never wins anything. She was shocked when she found one-hundred dollars on the street. She felt very lucky, but she donated it to a charity.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

You could also tell scribes NOT to write the studentsʼ names and have students guess which examples belong to which student at the end of the activity.

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