English Laundry

Students describe how to do laundry in English.

Learner Level: High Intermediate -Advanced
Language focus: Vocabulary
Skills: Giving instructions, sequences, asking questions
Time: 20 minutes
Materials: Vocabulary list (pg 2. 1 per student)
Grouping: Whole class and pairs
Preparation: None

Teacher Instructions:

1. Work together as a class to brainstorm all of the words associated with doing laundry. Separate words into nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Write the words on the board. (See vocabulary suggestions on pg 2)
2. Separate students into pairs. Student A is the mother or father. Student B is the child.
3. Student A will teach Student B how to do a load of laundry. Student B will ask as many questions as he/she can think of. Steps to cover include collecting the laundry, separating the laundry, and washing the laundry.
4. Switch roles. Student B will now act as the parent and Student A will act as the child. Student B will teach the child how to dry, fold, and put away the clean laundry.
5. Have students check off the laundry checklist: collecting, sorting, washing, / drying, folding, putting away.

For Example:

Student A: Today Iʼm going to teach you how to do the laundry.
Student B: Okay. What do we do first?
Student A: FIrst we have to collect all of the dirty clothes and put them in a laundry hamper.
Student B: Okay. Do all of the clothes go into the washing machine?
Student A: Yes, but first we have to separate the lights and darks.
Student B: Is that all?
Student A: We also have to check the pockets.
Student B: Okay, now what? Continue until washing machine is turned on…
Later…(drying, folding, putting away)
Student B: The washing machine is finished. Itʼs time to put the dryer on.
Student A: Okay. Do I just put the clothes in the dryer?
Student B: Hang up the delicates first.
Student A: How long do I put the dryer on for? Continue…

Teacher 2 Teacher:

Make sure that your students know how to do laundry in their own language before doing this warm up. (Younger students may not know the procedures.)

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