Home Sweet Home

Student A describes the layout of his home. Student B draws the floor plan.

Learner Level: Intermediate +
Language focus: Prepositions of place; practicing vocabulary for rooms and furniture
Skills: Describing, listening, clarifying
Time: 10-30 minutes
Materials: paper, pen
Grouping: Pairs
Preparation: None

Teacher Instructions:

1. Put students in pairs. (One group of 3 will work if you have an uneven number.
2. Student A describes his/her home. (Students can describe a childhood home or the home they currently live in.)
3. Student B draws the layout (without showing student A) while listening.
4. Student B may ask questions throughout. Student A must try to be as clear as possible. After describing the layout of the rooms, Student A can describe the position of some of the main pieces of furniture (couches, kitchen table, desk, TV
5. Student B shows the drawing to Student A. Student A describes any aspects of the drawing that are incorrect. Are the rooms the correct sizes in comparison to one another.
6. Switch roles.

For Example:

Student A: My house has two floors and a basement.
Student B: How many rooms are on on the main floor?
Student A: There are four rooms on the main floor: a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a dining room.
Student B: What type of furniture is in the living room?
Student A: There are two couches and a coffee table. The TV is in the corner
Student B: Are the couches facing each other? …
Later…(while looking at Bʼs floor plan)
Student A: Actually, the TV is in the other corner. The living room is a lot bigger. Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the basement. My dadʼs office is in the basement.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

For lower level students place useful vocabulary on the board, including furniture (couch, coffee table, desk), rooms (living room, master bedroom, nursery), and prepositions of place (across, beside, next to). Allow students to use dictionaries and ask you for vocabulary help.

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