From the Archives: Sue Lyon-Jones' Post on "Textpeditions"

Each Follow Friday (#FF on Twitter) we pull a buried blog post from the dusty archives of the web. We hope you agree that there is a lot to learn from these “oldie but goodie” posts by educators.

Title: Take Your Students on a Textpedition
Writer: Sue Lyon Jones
Role in Education: English Language Teacher, Head of ESOL Courses (Website)
Date Posted: July, 2010
Subject: An activity to do with mobile phones
Twitter ID: @esolcourses
Blog: The PLN Staff Lounge

Why we pulled it from the archives? At the Virtual Round Table conference there was a lot of talk about mobile learning, and we enjoyed being part of the discussion. Many of the teachers reminded participants that not all students have smart phones, but many do have mobile phones. In addition, using mobile phones in the classroom does not have to take place in the classroom! We’ve been working on developing some materials for using mobile phones (that aren’t necessarily smart) in class and have been looking at different ways that teachers are doing this already. In this archived post, Sue Lyon-Jones talks about taking her students on a Textpedition. What’s a textpedition? Check out Sue’s post to find out! If spring has sprung in your part of the world, this idea may be perfect timing for you. It will also give you a chance to use some of the great tech tools that were introduced at last week’s conference.

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  1. Wood says:

    May 16, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Very true! Makes a chagne to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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