What’s the best April Fools’ Day Hoax?

Will you be talking about April Fools’ Day in class? Do your students enjoy a good practical joke?

April Fools’ Day is the traditional day to pull a hoax. Here is a list of the Top 100 April Fools’ Day Hoaxes. The article offers short descriptions of each famous hoax, with links to related information. Why not have your students present one of the hoaxes? You could also have them vote on the best one. Try reading them out loud or ask your students to do this. Ask some listening comprehension questions after each description. Note: Some of these hoaxes are mentioned in our full-length lesson plan on April Fools’ Day.

1. What is a hoax?
2. Describe a famous hoax that you’ve heard of.
3. Do you like playing “practical jokes” on people? What’s your best trick?
4. What do you know about the history of April Fools’ Day?
5. How do you feel when someone “plays a prank on” you? When has this happened to you?

While our Something to Talk About suggestions are useful for getting your students involved in a group or pair discussion, the topics, articles, and videos can also be used if you are looking for something for your students to blog/Skype/or write an opinion essay about. This week you could have your students paraphrase one of the hoaxes from the article.

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