Boredom Busters

Students take turns being a bored child during the “dog days of summer”. The class offers boredom busters using “could”.

Learner Level: Low intermediate – Intermediate
Theme: summer, activities
Skills: brainstorming, making suggestions, “could”
Time: 20 minutes
Materials: None
Grouping: Whole class (or large group 5+)
Preparation: None (Give examples of could + base verb if students are not familiar with this construction.)

Teacher Instructions:

1. Teach the phrases “dog days of summer” and “boredom busters”.
2. Arrange students in a circle or line. One student introduces himself as the bored child. He should give his age, name, and location (fictional). Then he should say, “Iʼm bored!” (Encourage student to use a whiney voice.)
3. The other students will take turns offering boredom busters using “could”.
4. Choose another student to be Student #1. Repeat the game for a second round. Students are not allowed to offer a boredom buster that has already been given in a previous round. Play until all of the students have had a chance to be bored!
5. If you have extra time, have a class discussion about “the dog days of summer”. What did you do to prevent boredom as a child?

For Example:

Student 1: My name is Juan. Iʼm ten years old. I live in Mexico. Iʼm bored!
Student 2: You could go to the beach.
Student 3: You could make a picnic.
Student 4: You could go for a bicycle ride.
Student 5: You could call a friend. Continue until all students have had a turn to offer a suggestion…
Teacher: Well, what are you going to do Juan?
Student 1: I guess Iʼll go for a bike ride.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

If your students are having trouble thinking of things, try brainstorming boredom busters as a class. Donʼt write the whole sentence on the board. Write the base form of the verb, such as “read” “write” “play” “go” or nouns such as “movies”, “badminton”, “library”.

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