When I Grow Up

Students pretend to be young children with a “dream job”. Partners guess what the child wants to be when he/she grows up.

Learner Level: Beginner to intermediate
Theme: Jobs
Skills: Role play, listening and speaking
Time: 10-20 minutes
Materials: None
Grouping: Rotating pairs
Preparation: None

Teacher Instructions:

1. Put students in pairs or small groups.
2. Tell each student to pretend to be a child (not himself) with a dream of becoming something (firefighter, actor,president, astronaut) when he/she grows up.
3. Student A (child) describes his dream job to Student B (adult). Student A CANNOT use any word (or version of a word) that is in the job title of his dream job. (Eg. He cannot use the word “teach” if he is describing a teacher or “fire” if he is describing a “firefighter”.)
4. Student B asks questions to try to figure out what Student A wants to be.
5. After Student B guesses correctly, Student A and B switch roles.
6. After both students have guessed correctly, students should switch partners and talk to other “children” in the class. Student A should think of a different “dream job” with his new partner.

For Example:

Student A: I love explaining things to children. I want to show kids how to read and write, and how to play soccer. I want to work in a school with other adults who love education. Oh, and I want summers off!
Student B: When you grow up you want to be an elementary school teacher, right?
Student A: Youʼre right!
Switch Roles…
Student B: I love to move to music, especially classical music. I want to be on stage where everyone will clap for me. I will have to go to a special school to learn my art.
Student A: Will you wear special slippers on your feet?
Student B: Yes.
Student A: When you grow up do you want to be a ballerina?

Teacher 2 Teacher:

If the warm up seems too easy for your students, challenge them to “specialize” in their dream professions. If they dream of being a “teacher” they should be a specific kind of teacher, such as a “professor” or “a gym teacher”. If they dream of being a doctor, they should be a “ pediatrician”. This will make Student Bʼs job harder too. Write down all of the dream jobs on the board as they are guessed correctly. Have a spelling quiz with these words later in the day.

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