Cabin Crew

The class pretends to be on an airplane. Flight attendants respond to call lights.

Learner Level: Intermediate
Language focus: Expressing a need, responding to a problem, making a complaint
Skills: Speaking and listening
Time: 10-30 minutes
Materials: None
Grouping: Whole class
Preparation: None

Teacher Instructions:

1. Ask for 3-5 volunteers (depending on how large your class is). The volunteers will be the first flight attendants.
2. Tell your students the class is an airplane. Ask students to decide where the flight is going to and from.
3. Passengers take turns pressing their call lights (putting up their hands or making a beeping sound).
4. Flight attendants go around the room responding to the concerns of the passengers.
5. After a few minutes make a captain call (prepare for landing). Then assign new flight attendants for another flight.

For Example:

Flight attendant A: Hi. I see that your light is on. Can I help you?
Student A: Yes, Iʼm cold. Can I borrow a blanket?
Flight attendant A: Certainly. Iʼll get one from the overhead bin.
Flight attendant B: Hello, sir. Do you need something?
Student B: I was wondering if you have any newspapers? I forgot to bring my book.
Flight attendant B: We only have two copies of todayʼs paper. Iʼll check to see if anyone is finished reading it.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

You can place some useful expressions or prompts on the board if your students need help. Take on the role of captain and make a special announcement. For example, tell the passengers that the seatbelt light is on due to turbulence. If some of the students donʼt “call” a flight attendant give them a problem. For example, tell a quiet student she needs to get her luggage from an overhead bin. Tell another heʼs thirsty. You can also give the flight attendants special characteristics. Tell one he is grumpy. Tell one she is sticky sweet. Tell another she is new at her job. You may need to play this warm up a few times before the class gets good at it. Have fun!

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    Passengers take turns pressing their call lights (putting up their hands or making a beeping sound).

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