Who Says Moo?

Students work together to fill out the animal sounds and family chart. Even adults get a kick out of English animal sounds!

Learner Level: Any
Language focus: Animal vocabulary, sounds
Skills: Sharing and gathering information, asking questions,
Time: 10-20 minutes
Materials: Photocopies of Animal Chart (see below)
Grouping: Pairs and whole class
Preparation: Print out page 2 for student

Teacher instructions

1. Place students in pairs.
2. Hand out the animal chart from Page 2 to your students.
3. Set a timer to 5 minutes (or you can choose the amount of time).
4. Tell pairs to work together to fill out as much of the chart as they can in five minutes.
5. After five minutes have students walk around the room trying to fill out the rest of their chart. Students offer answers in exchange for information they donʼt know.
6. Take up the chart as a class. (Answers on Page 3)

For Example:

Lisa: Do you know what a cat says?
Martin: Yes, Iʼll tell you if you can tell me what a baby dog is called.
Lisa: A baby dog is a puppy.
Martin: Oh yeah! Thanks. A cat say meow.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

You might want to put students in pairs to do this and make it a contest. Who can fill out the chart first? Let them use their mobile phones or computers for tough questions. Practice pronouncing the sounds together. Students will enjoy sharing animal sounds in their own language as well. This activity is fun in a multicultural classroom.

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    Here’s a great video you can use, especially if yo teach young learners.

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