Lest We Forget

In ESL-Library’s NEW Remembrance Day lesson for lower levels, English learners are invited to write and share Remembrance Day acrostic poems with us.

Remembrance Day Poem: An Example

An example of an acrostic poem. You could also use “poppy” or “peace” or “November 11th or “Lest We Forget”.
R is for red. The color of poppies.
E is for easy. It’s easy to forget. November 11th makes it easier to remember.
M is for memories. Ask veterans to share their war stories.
E is for eleven. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
M is for millions. Millions of lives are lost due to war.
B is for brave. The men and women who fought for peace were very brave. Some were still teenagers!
R is for real. World War I and II were real. Many kids only know war through video games and movies.
A is for always. We must always remember the promise we kept.
N is for never. We must never forget the pain and sorrow of world conflict.
C is for careful. Take special care to live in peace with people from other countries and cultures.
E is for everyone. Everyone deserves to live in peace.

D is for dream. World peace is a dream. Each human must dare to dream.
A is for alive. Celebrate your life each day.
Y is for your turn. Please write a Remembrance Day poem with your class and share it with ESL-Library.

We’ll post the best poems on our blog. Don’t forget to share a link with us if you publish your poem on your own blog. You could also create a story based on the reading, such as the moment of silence below. Send it to info@esl-library.com.

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