You're Pulling My Leg

Students take turns telling either true or made up childhood stories. The class votes on which ones are true, and the student who fools the most people is crowned Class Jester.

Learner Level: Any
Theme: April Fools’ Day
Language focus: Story telling and asking questions
Materials: None
Preparation: Introduce the phrases, “straight face”, “pulling my leg”, and “fooled you”.
Skills: Listening and Speaking
Time: 10 minutes

Teacher Instructions:

1. On the board, write the phrase: “When I was a kid…”
2. Give each student a chance to complete the phrase out loud. Students can share something true OR something made up. Encourage students to use unbelievable or amazing experiences from their childhood if they choose to tell a true fact. Remind students to “keep a straight face” as they speak. (For beginner classes the teacher can go first as a model.)
For example: When I was a kid I kept a pet snake in my room.
3. The other students now ask questions to try to determine if the statement is true.
For example: What was your snake’s name? What kind of snake was it? Where did you keep your snake? How long did your snake live?
4. After about ten questions take a class vote. “Do you think __________ is pulling our leg or telling us the truth?”
5. After the vote the student should reveal the truth by saying “That was a true story” or “I was pulling your leg”. Assign
him a point for each person he fooled. Remind students to say “Fooled you!” to those who guessed incorrectly.
6. Continue playing until the time for the warm up is over. Students can count up the numbers of people they successfully fooled. Declare the winner the official Class Jester.

Teacher 2 Teacher:

Offer a bonus point for fooling the teacher!

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