From the Archives: Graham Stanley on To Blog or Not to Blog

Each Follow Friday (#FF on Twitter) we will pull a buried blog post from the dusty archives of the web. We hope you agree that there is a lot to learn from these “oldie but goodie” posts on education.

Title: To Blog or not to Blog?
Writer: Graham Stanley
Role in Education: Teacher, ICT specialist
Date Posted: July 14, 2009
Subject: Blogging; Bloggers Block
Twitter ID: @grahamstanley
Blog: blog-efl See also Digital Play

Why we pulled it from the archives? We knew we’d find something interesting in Graham Stanley’s archives; they go back to 2003! There has been a lot of chat recently about whether or not TEFL blogging and commenting is being replaced with microblogging on Twitter or Facebook. In this archived post, Graham Stanley offers an interesting reflection on his own experience, and offers some good advice for teachers who are considering starting a blog (which many likely are at this time of year). Can you guess why he started blogging?

Editor’s Note: We scheduled this post for today, and since then Graham Stanley posted a NEW post on this same wavelength: Is the ELT Blogging Honeymoon Over? Check it out too!

Summary: Graham shares his own journey of blogging, covering topics such as blogging with students, blogger’s block, and blogging experiments. (Our ‘From the Archives’ series was a blogging experiment, and this is our 22nd one.) The post also discusses the importance of setting goals.

How do you sustain interest in blogging? Leave a message here, or add to the discussion on Graham’s blog.

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