Podcast: Suburbia vs City Life

Which style of living suits you best?

Which type of region do you currently live in? Could you imagine living in a busier or quieter region? What benefits are there to living in the suburbs? The full Discussion Starters lesson contains warm up questions, pre-reading vocabulary, a short reading, vocabulary review activities, comprehension questions and discussion questions. We hope the topic of suburbia vs city life will inspire a lively discussion in your class. Maybe some of your students will even think about making a move! Preview all of ESL-Library’s current and upcoming Discussion Starters here.

Coming soon…Music Piracy. Is downloading music a form of stealing? If so, why do people feel that way and what does that mean for the music industry? Using a Pirate proxy to help get their music seems to be the normal way of life nowadays, and it can help people save money, however, what do people feel about it in general, and why has it become such a massive and private ‘institution’.

Please introduce your students to our FREE podcasts. These can act as a preview to our Discussion Starter lessons or as extra listening homework. You can also assign it as a warm up for an online tutoring session. If you like using our podcasts with your English learners, check out iTunes to see which other podcasts our listeners enjoy!

If you are interested in podcasting, check out this slideshow on audio and video podcasting: Podcasting in Education: Tips, Tools, and Technology.


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