Podcast: Comparative Adjectives

Grammar Stories: Comparative Adjectives

Are your students learning the difference between “too much” and “too many”? Do they  get confused about using “fewer” or “less”? ESL-Library offers stories that focus on one grammar point at a time. Here is an audio preview of the lesson sheet for Comparative Adjectives and Superlatives. The full Grammar Stories lesson comes with three short readings, four question sets, and two related activities. Preview all of ESL-Library’s Grammar Stories here.

Coming soon to our FREE podcast…Grammar Stories: Simple Past.

Please encourage your students to use our FREE podcasts. These can be used for individual listening practice or as a preview to the ESL-Library lessons that you use in class. Introduce your students to iTunes today!

Here is an interesting Intro to Podcasting from LearnOutLoud.com.


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