From the Archives: Langwitches on Digital Storytelling

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Title: “Digital Storytelling: What will your Great-Grandchildren Know about You”
Writer: Silvia Tolisano
Date Posted: August 8, 2009
Subject: The importance of storytelling
Role in Education:Elementary School Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Consultant Twitter ID: @langwitches Blog:

Why we pulled it from the archives? We agree that family stories deserve to be told, shared, and treasured.

Silvia Tolisano has amazing ideas about digital storytelling. The magic she swirls on her website provides just a glimpse of the potions she cooks up in her elementary classes. This post was inspired by a road trip that she took with her family to see her husband’s aging relatives. Silvia asks a very important question that every teacher should ask her students. What stories will you leave behind for your descendants? We hope this post will inspire you to explore related questions in the classroom and in your own personal life. While you’re visiting Langwitches, don’t miss A Story to be Re-told.

Are you leaving stories behind for your own great-grandchildren?

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