No More Twitter Jitters

Are you still avoiding Twitter? ESL teachers worldwide are ready to show you the way.

At first glance, twitter seems like a random flow of nonsense. The mixture of short forms, tags and symbols can be overwhelming to those who refuse to spend more than a minute or two reviewing the site. While Twitter may be nothing more than a place to vent or promote spam for many users, teachers (especially English language teachers like you) are increasingly finding new ways to network, share, and improve the quality of education via the proverbial tweet.

One of the most popular subjects English teachers google is “ESL”. Whether you are looking for a job, a resource, a grammar answer, or inspiration for Monday’s class, you probably search Google first. Did you know that you can also find these answers on twitter?

Without even signing up for an account, you can see this to be true. Go to Twitter and type in a simple term like ESL and you will find real time results posted by real teachers and ELT authors who are currently at their computers.

Real #ELT experts will not only answer your questions and pass your blog or resource on to friends and colleagues, they will help you grow your business, find a following, and provide more resources than you’ll ever need. You can chat with your new pals at Twitter events like #edchat and hopefully  meet up with them at real events and conferences.

Guess what else we found on Twitter today? A huge list of  Twitter Tools from a fellow librarian known in the twittersphere as Cybraryman. With all of the tips and tools in one place we can’t imagine a better resource for those who are thinking about joining the growing community of “tweechers”.

When you do get passed the twitter jitters and sign up for an account, don’t forget to follow @ESLlibrary.


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