Podcast – Stephen Hawking

Share this week’s podcast with your English learners and try our ready-made Famous People lesson about Stephen Hawking (High Int – Adv).

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Podcast – The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

Share this week’s podcast with your English learners, and try our ready-made Famous Places lesson on The Demilitarized Zone.

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19 Award-Winning English Language Teaching Innovations

The ELTons are highly regarded international awards that recognize innovation in English Language Teaching (ELT). Shelly Terrell highlights some of the past winners that offer free teaching resources.

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Spelling Rules for Regular Past Verbs

Do your students know the spelling rules for adding -ed to regular verbs? Present the five rules and then have them practice with the provided list.

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Mother’s Day Theme: Animals & Babies

Are you looking for Mother’s-Day-themed ideas for your YL classroom? This is the perfect week to talk, sing, and learn about animals and their fur babies!

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