Assure, Ensure & Insure

There are many commonly confused words in English. Three words that sound similar and have similar meanings are “assure,” “ensure,” and “insure.” Our editor explains the differences and offers teaching tips for these words.

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What’s Your Story?

The lovely Vicky Loras of The Loras Network has opened up her “What’s Your Story?” blog challenge once again, and I thought it would be fun to tell a little story that would take ESL Library subscribers behind the scenes.

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Christmas Lesson Plans for English Learners

‘Tis the season for Holiday lesson plans! If you’ve used our Christmas lesson plans in previous years, be sure to download and print the latest versions from our Holidays & Events section. We hope you love the NEW design. We also have a NEW beginner level Christmas lesson. Happy Holidays!

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Inquire Vs. Enquire

There are a few British and American spellings that really trip people up. The verbs inquire and enquire, along with their noun counterparts (inquiry and enquiry), are words that are commonly misspelled.

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Podcast: Mandatory Voting

Share this week’s podcast with your English learners, and try our ready-made Discussion Starters lesson plan about compulsory voting.

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