Pokémon GO Gen 2 Wishlist: Practicing Hope & Wish

Are your students still playing Pokémon GO? Are they disappointed with the limited Generation 2 update? Teach them how to use “hope” and “wish.” Then make a wish list together!

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Helping ELLs Find Their Authentic Voice

A summary of Marijke Wertheim’s TESL Ontario session on authentic speech.

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When Should You Teach Vocabulary?

Our editor looks at the pros and cons of teaching vocabulary before, during, or after the reading section of a lesson.

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Practice the Present Progressive with the “Mannequin Challenge”

Freeze! Challenge your students to the Mannequin Challenge and practice the present progressive tense.

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Veterans Day Poems By ESL Learners

ESL students take the acrostic poetry challenge from ESL Library’s beginner-level Remembrance / Veterans Day lesson.

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