Creating Atmosphere in Writing with the Past Progressive

Your intermediate- to advanced-level students will learn to use the past progressive in a whole new way while developing their writing skills.

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19 Award-Winning English Language Teaching Innovations

The ELTons are highly regarded international awards that recognize innovation in English Language Teaching (ELT). Shelly Terrell highlights some of the past winners that offer free teaching resources.

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Home Sweet Home: Reviewing Prepositions of Place

Review prepositions of place with this extra listening activity. Then challenge your students to make their own recording.

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Listening to Podcasts – Tips & Tasks for English Learners

Tips and tasks for English learners who use podcasts for listening practice.

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English Skit for ELLs: Spring Fever

Happy first day of spring! Teach your English learners some fun idioms and expressions. Then have them show off their new language in this simple skit.

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