Word Bank Lessons for Newcomers & New Learners

Tips for using our new vocabulary lessons with your absolute beginners and newcomers.

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10 Ways to Use Flashcards in Class

ESL Library has over 2,000 flashcards to help students learn vocabulary. What are some fun ways to use flashcards in your classroom?

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Get Your ELLs Reading with “Speed Dating”

Try this fun “speed dating” activity to find out what your students are interested in reading about.

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The Great “Earth Day” Lesson Challenge: Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is in peril and needs humans to take action. Do your part for Environmental & Climate Literacy by using ESL Library’s NEW lesson about the Great Barrier Reef this Earth Day.

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Top Tips for Presenting at ELT Conferences

It’s ELT conference season! Are you giving a presentation this year? Here are Shelly Terrell’s top tips for ELT presenters.

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