Critical Reading with Digital Devices! 18 Resources & Web Tools

Shelly Terrell offers tips and resources that will encourage your students to dive deeper into what they’re reading.

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Orange Shirt Day: Phyllis’s Residential School Story

Learn the story behind Orange Shirt Day (Sept 30), and try a ready-made lesson about Residential Schools.

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One-to-One Vocabulary Review Activities

Are you looking for ideas for reviewing vocabulary in a one-to-one teaching session? Check out this list and add your own ideas!

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9 Ways to Use Snapchat to Teach Language Learners

Shelly Terrell shares tips on using Snapchat for educational purposes with your English language learners.

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Teaching English Learners About Swimming & Water Safety

Help save a life! Inspire your newcomers to take swimming lessons and learn about water safety with these ready-made visuals and lessons.

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