Jimmy Carter Gives 90% of Credit to Canadians

Argo wins best picture at the Oscars. Find out what Jimmy Carter thinks of Ben Affleck’s fictionalized account of history.

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Senator Says Video Games Bigger Problem Than Guns

One minute the NRA is blaming video games for gun violence, and the next minute it is releasing a target shooting game in the App store. Do video games and gun control belong in the same debate?

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Justin Bieber Wants Tougher Paparazzi Laws

A paparazzo died trying to pursue Justin Bieber this week. The celebrity wasn’t even in the car. If you’re looking for something to talk about, this may be the topic of the week.

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Alternative Fitness

Are you tired of talking about traditional sports in the classroom? Introduce your students to some fitness alternatives  that will get them talking and moving!

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A Discussion Topic For Anti-Bullying Week

It’s anti-bullying week in the UK, and a recent survey suggests that bullies are robbing young people of their talents. Get your students talking about this issue, and help put a stop to this madness!

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