Don't Bring Guns Into Starbucks

Starbucks patrons have been asked to leave their guns at home. This video interview can be useful for teachers who are interested in trying out the flipped classroom approach.

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40 Days Of Dating – Love And Relationships

Would you date your best friend? This New York couple is doing a 40-day test to see if they can transform a platonic relationship into something more. Their social experiment will surely give your students something to read and talk about.

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Man Denied Work Visa Due To Obesity

This authentic listening excerpt provides a great topic for discussion. It also gives students exposure to a South African English accent.

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Where Could Snowden Go? Modals of Possibility

Can your students guess Edward Snowden’s next move? This might be a fun way to practice modals of possibility.

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The Grass Is Always Greener… When You Paint It

Here is a fun way to introduce the English saying “The grass is always greener on the other side”. This fun story is an interesting way to explore the differences between “literal” and “figurative” language.

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