Podcast: Legalizing Marijuana

Share this week’s free listening practice with your English learners, and try our NEW Mini Debates lesson plan.

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Podcast: Basketball

This week’s podcast comes just in time for March Madness! Share the podcast with your English learners, and try our ready-made Famous Things lesson plan about basketball.

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Podcast: Nauruz

Not everyone celebrates New Year’s Day on January 1. Learn all about “Nauruz,” ┬áthe Persian New Year’s festival, and try a NEW lesson plan from our Holidays & Events section.

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Podcast: Space Tourism

While listening to our 200th podcast episode, English learners can contemplate taking future vacations in space. Share the podcast, and try our NEW Discussion Staters lesson plan on Space Tourism.

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Podcast: Vanishing Honeybees

This week’s podcast is all about the vanishing honeybee! Try our related Discussion Starters lesson plan.

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