Wh- Questions

How do we ask and answer Wh- questions in English? Our editor explores the meaning and use of all the common Wh- words.

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Reduced Pronunciation – Gonna

The new year is the perfect time to practice reduced pronunciation using the simple future tense.

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Holiday Expressions

Get in the holiday spirit with a quick review of common errors in expressions used during the holidays.

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Look Like Vs. Like

Do your students have trouble distinguishing between “What does someone look like?” and “What is someone like?” How about “What does someone like?” Our editor shares teaching tips that students can use to respond to these similar-sounding questions correctly.

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Transition Words & Phrases

Transition words and phrases are used to connect ideas in formal writing and speaking. Go beyond simply handing students a list of transitions by presenting our editor’s chart, sentence position and punctuation rules, and examples.

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