Grammar Day Roundup 2018

March 4 is National Grammar Day! Whether you’re looking for grammar presentation ideas and teaching tips, searching for activities and lessons, or just need a refresher, this handy index of our popular blog posts is for you!

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Plural Endings: -s or -es?

When nouns end in a vowel, why do we sometimes need to add -es instead of -s? Are there rules we can teach our students? Our editor explores these tricky plural endings.

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Word Families

Word endings can help students determine parts of speech. Try this set of word families and related exercises with your intermediate or advanced learners.

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Imperative Verbs

Teach your lower-level learners when and why a verb doesn’t have a subject.

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Wh- Questions

How do we ask and answer Wh- questions in English? Our editor explores the meaning and use of all the common Wh- words.

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