Teach Young Learners the Parts of Speech

Kids need to learn parts of speech too! Try our NEW Parts of Speech lesson with your young learners and middle schoolers.

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Transportation Prepositions: In & On

Why is it “in a car” but “on a bus”? Our editor has tips and a worksheet that will help you teach these common prepositions with different modes of transportation.

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Learning the meaning of prefixes can help English language learners build their vocabulary. Our editor shares a list of common prefixes and fun practice activities.

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Confusing Possessive Plurals

Wondering how to explain tricky possessive plurals such as “men’s room” and “ladies’ room”? Our editor shares tips and examples.

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Fun Grammar Lessons for Teaching Young Learners

ESL Library now offers lessons for teaching young learners and middle schoolers, including this NEW section called Fun Grammar Lessons.

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