Podcast: Fracking

Are we ripping our earth apart? This controversial topic will get your students talking!

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English Lesson Plans on American Presidents

Are you looking for a lesson plan on one of the American presidents? Look no further! ESL-Library has ready-made lesson plans on all 43 US presidents! Here are some ideas for using these lessons in the classroom.

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How To Improve Listening Skills With Podcasts

Are you or your students trying to think of a New Year’s resolution related to learning English? Why not concentrate on the skill of listening?

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Apple Features Kindoma in Best Apps For Kids

Share a holiday story with a faraway friend or relative.┬áCheck out “The Velveteen Rabbit” (A Modern Adaptation) by Tara Benwell on Kindoma.

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Podcast: The Wright Brothers

Share this FREE podcast about the Wright brothers with your English learners, and try the ready-made lesson plan in class.

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