Come Vs. Go

Do your students mix up expressions such as “come back” and “go back”? Try these tips to teach the difference in meaning for “come” and “go.”

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Can We Start a Sentence with a Conjunction?

Is it correct to start a sentence with a conjunction? Our editor shares examples and tips on recent best writing practices.

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There Is/There Are + Nouns in a Series

Do your students know when to use “there is” or “there are” when followed by more than one noun? Our editor has teaching tips for this confusing grammar point.

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Commonly Confused Verbs: See, Look, Watch

Are these verbs active, stative, or both? Our editor examines the rules and exceptions of these common verbs.

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How to Use the Conditional “Should”

More than just a modal of advice! Our editor provides tips for teaching and learning conditional sentences with “should.”

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