Adverb Clauses

Don’t let adverb classes overwhelm your students. Our editor has tips and tricks for teaching them the patterns and types.

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10 Ways to Use Flashcards in Class

ESL Library has over 2,000 flashcards to help students learn vocabulary. What are some fun ways to use flashcards in your classroom?

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A While Vs. Awhile

Are your English language learners confused by “a while” and “awhile”? Our editor explains the different parts of speech and sentence positions.

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Over Vs. More Than

Which is better, “over” or “more than”? What should we teach our students? Our editor assesses past and current arguments regarding these terms.

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Affect Vs. Effect

These commonly confused words trip up everyone from English learners and native speakers. With our editor’s handy tips, your students will remember when to use “affect” and “effect.”

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