Got Vs. Gotten

Why do we have two past participle forms of the verb “get”? Our editor explains when to use them.

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Tricky Spelling: Philippines Vs. Filipino

Have you ever wondered about the spelling difference between the Philippines and the Filipino people and language? Our editor looks into the history behind it.

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Spelling Rules for Comparative & Superlative Adjectives

Do your students know the spelling rules for adding -er and -est to comparative and superlative adjectives? Our editor reviews the spelling rules and provides practice exercises.

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Creating Atmosphere in Writing with the Past Progressive

Your intermediate- to advanced-level students will learn to use the past progressive in a whole new way while developing their writing skills.

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Spelling Rules for Regular Past Verbs

Do your students know the spelling rules for adding -ed to regular verbs? Present the five rules and then have them practice with the provided list.

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