Let’s Learn Each Other’s Names

Try these back-to-school activities and resources to help you and your students learn and pronounce each other’s names correctly.

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Let’s Learn the Alphabet Digitally! 15 Fun Websites & Apps

Do you teach English to young learners? Check out Shelly Terrell’s suggested apps and websites for teaching and learning the alphabet.

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Top Tips for Presenting at ELT Conferences

It’s ELT conference season! Are you giving a presentation this year? Here are Shelly Terrell’s top tips for ELT presenters.

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Get Students to Visualize Research in a Digital Poster

Shelly Terrell shares digital poster creation web apps and tools to help your students present their knowledge in visually appealing ways.

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9 Fun Ways to Practice English with Pokémon GO!

Are your learners trying to catch ’em all? Shelly Terrell offers 9 tips for using Pokémon GO with English learners.

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