Congregate for Change! 9 Advocacy Groups & Events Enhancing ELT

English Language Teachers are passionate about their learners and field; therefore, it should be no surprise that many have gathered to advocate for equality for their learners and colleagues. This International Women’s Day, Shelly Terrell shares some of the causes, which are ensuring all ELTs and their students are treated fairly no matter their gender, culture, economic status, or native language.

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25 Engaging Ways to Practice English with Voice Assistants

Encourage your students to practice English daily with their voice assistants using the following tips and resources.

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Inspire Meaningful Writing Practice through Digital Scrapbooking

Shelly Terrell shares tips and tools for practicing writing through digital scrapbooking.

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How to Spark Dynamic Discussions Outside the Classroom! 10 Web Tools & Apps

Get your students talking outside of the classroom with these fun, free apps & tools reviewed by edtech expert Shelly Terrell.

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Critical Reading with Digital Devices! 18 Resources & Web Tools

Shelly Terrell offers tips and resources that will encourage your students to dive deeper into what they’re reading.

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