Create Your Own Cartoons for Teaching Languages

Use ESL-Library Images To Personalize Your Lessons

Cartoons for teaching English

Do you enjoy using cartoons in the classroom? Have you tried making your own cartoons? Students appreciate personalized worksheets and images, and ESL-Library offers the perfect solution. If you subscribe to ESL-Library, you have access to thousands of images that can be used for making your own classroom materials. As a subscriber, you are licensed to use our images to create your own worksheets and quizzes for your own personal use in your classroom. That means, you can create your own cartoons, too!

Here are the basic instructions:

1. Sign in to ESL-Library. Not a member yet? Join here!

2. Choose the Flashcard Library.

3. Search for an image(s) that you want to use. If you’re covering a specific theme, such as a holiday or a sport, you’ll be able to find many useful images. You may want to combine more than one, as I did with the image above. To create the image above I searched for the word “draw”.

4. Open a blank word document. On a Mac, Pages works best. You could also use Word.

5. In the Flashcard Library, click on the image you want. This will make it the full size you need to work with. (If you’re not logged in, you will be prompted here.) Drag the large version of the image onto your open blank document. Use your mouse to make the image as large or as small as you want. Make sure not to distort the image when you change the size.

6. Add a quote bubble(s). In Pages choose Insert | Shape | Quote Bubble. Change the colour, shape, and direction of your quote bubble and drag it where you need it. You may need to send the image to the back so that the quote bubble can overlap it nicely. In Word choose Insert | Picture | Auto shape (choose the icon that looks like a bubble. Then choose the style you want.)

7. Type the text you want into your quote bubble. (In Pages, I do this in a text box.) You may also want to leave the quote bubble blank for your students to fill in. For example, choose an image and ask your students to write an “if clause” (see below)

8. Print your cartoon or save it to your computer. You could also add it to a worksheet or quiz that you have written.
If clause flashcards

You can also check out this screencast demo on how to create your own quizzes using ESL-Library flashcards.


Please review the copyright rules here.  Scroll down to Use of the Flashcard Library. Your membership does not give you permission to post ESL-Library images on any public or private server, including your own blog or website. As an ESL-Library subscriber, you may only use ESL-Library images in your own classroom.

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    Phyllis J. Arnold says:

    Jun 23, 2014 at 10:51 am

    Very nice post. I am also looking for this kind of site or tool. I believes in animated things can do a better job than descriptive form.


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