Podcast: Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady)

Famous People: Margaret Thatcher | Podcast #96

Margaret Thatcher Lesson PlanMargaret Thatcher was the Prime Minster of the UK from 1979-1990. Her nickname was ‘The Iron Lady’. A film called “The Iron Lady” was just released with Meryl Streep starring as Britain’s former leader. After the film was released, one of our subscribers requested a lesson on this important historic figure. We were thrilled to fill this request, and we have now added the new Margaret Thatcher lesson to our library. You can introduce your students to this important historic figure via our podcast and ready-made lesson plan. Perhaps it will inspire your students to go and see the film! [It’s red carpet season and Meryl Streep just won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher! Try our related  Red Carpet Warm up. ]

The full printable Famous People lesson contains a warmup task, reading, comprehension questions, vocabulary review, discussion questions, and a writing assignment. You may also want to show this video on how Meryl Streep got into the role of Margaret Thatcher in preparation for the film. We also have a lesson on Ellen Sirleaf, another ‘Iron Lady’ who has been in the news lately. If you have any suggestions for topics, please leave a comment.

Coming soon to our podcast…Michael Jackson.

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