Podcast: Diwali

Every day is a Holiday: Diwali

If you are Hindu, it is almost the New Year! Many people do not know about this joyous holiday called Diwali. Why not introduce your students to this colorful and inspiring Festival of Lights?

Visit ESL Library to print out the Diwali lesson that goes with this podcast. The lesson comes with a warm up, a reading, vocabulary review tasks, comprehension and discussion questions, and an art and research challenge.


Here is a related video that you can show to your class on How to Make a Rangoli Pattern. One new thing we learned about rangoli art is that you should never leave any spaces unfilled.

And here is an example of Diwali art submitted to us by a class that tried this lesson and art activity! Thanks to M.M’s YCDSB class for this beautiful rangoli.
M.M. Mosca's class, YCDSB

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