Podcast: Teachers' Day

Every Day is a Holiday: Teachers’ Day

Teacher's Day LessonDo students shower their teachers with gifts on Teachers’ Day in your country? Share this recording with your class to help them understand that a card or a thank you is more than enough. Visit ESL-Library to print out the mini-lesson. It comes with a warm up, a reading, a vocabulary review and discussion questions. Preview all of ESL-Library’s Every Day is a Holiday lessons here. If you have any suggestions for topics, please leave a comment. Don’t miss our popular full-length Holiday lesson plans.

Coming soon…Grammar Stories: Adjective Phrases and Clauses.

Please introduce your students to our FREE podcasts. These can act as a preview to our Mini-Biography, Discussion Starter, Grammar Story, or Holiday lessons. They can also serve as extra listening homework to help your learners develop an understanding of the rhythm of English. Some teachers use our weekly podcast (posted every Wednesday) as a warm up for an online tutoring session.

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  1. info@gotravelenglish.com'

    Skype English Lessons says:

    Oct 09, 2011 at 6:18 am

    Teaching isn’t easy and I think many people think it is. Long hours planning and sometimes angry students. I love it though!


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