Podcast: Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

A number of ships, small boats, and even large military craft have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle LessonOur Lesson Plan Calendar reminded us of an important date in history that took place on September 16th, 1950. This was the first time the mystery of The Bermuda Triangle was revealed. Today’s podcast offers an audio preview of our Famous Places lesson plan on The Bermuda Triangle. Students learn about the mystery of  disappearing vessels and explore possible explanations. The full lesson comes with a warmup, a reading, comprehension and discussion questions, and a vocabulary review. These podcasts can be used for individual on-the-go listening practice or as a preview to the ESL-Library lessons that you plan to use in class.

Go to the Bermuda Triangle lesson.
If your students like mysteries, why not try our Detective series: The Case of the Missing Ring. Listen to a sample audio from the series in a past podcast episode: Detective Series for English learners.

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