Podcast: Cricket

This week’s podcast for English learners is all about cricket! Why not learn about this sport during the Cricket World Cup?

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Grammar Roundup II – Tips, Charts, Explanations & Activities

March 4 is National Grammar Day! Check out our editor’s roundup of grammar tips, charts, explanations, and activities.

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English Lesson Plans for Beer Day

March 1 is Beer Day in Iceland. Find out why it’s a good week to try our redesigned lesson plans on Beer and Prohibition.

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5 Fun Activities for Irregular Verbs

Make learning the long list of irregular past English verbs a lot more fun with our editor’s five favorite activities.

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Podcast: Barack Obama (Beginner)

Are you looking for lesson materials for true beginners? Try our new beginner lesson about Barack Obama. Here is a podcast preview to share with your beginners.

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