Still, No Longer & Not Anymore

Expressing an ongoing action, or one that has ceased, can be tricky because the adverb position changes. Help your students by showing them these common sentence patterns!

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#ELTChat Summary: Going Paper-Light in the Classroom

What better day to talk about “going paper-light” than Earth Day? Our head writer, Tara Benwell, writes this week’s #ELTchat summary.

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Podcast: The Commonwealth

Share this week’s podcast with your English learners, and try our ready-made Famous Things lesson plan about The Commonwealth of Nations.

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“Go Home” – Why Do We Drop Prepositions and Articles in Certain English Expressions?

Certain English expressions, such as go home, go downtown, and go there, don’t include prepositions or articles. What should we tell our students when they ask why this is?

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Podcast: Eating Alone?

Learn 6 reasons why dining together is better, and try our ready-made Health Matters lesson plan.

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