Podcast: Digital Learning

Are classrooms the next thing to go?

Have you ever taken an online course? Do you use your mobile phone for learning? What is an interactive white board? The full Discussion Starters lesson contains warm up questions, pre-reading vocabulary, a short reading, vocabulary review activities, comprehension questions, discussion questions and an optional Web 2.0 activity. We hope a discussion on digital learning will get your learners thinking about the various ways of using technology for educational purposes in 2011. If you are using our Discussion Starter lessons in class, be sure to check out our NEW Teachers’ Notes. Preview all of ESL-Library’s current and upcoming Discussion Starters here.

Coming soon…Obesity.

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Don’t forget to check out ELTChat podcasts and transcripts. ELTChat takes place on Twitter on Wednesdays. There are two different times and topics to pick from. All of the information is on ELTChat.com. Last week the ELTchatters discussed their hopes and dreams for ELT in 2011. They also discussed the advantages of being a non-native English teacher. Have your say about what to discuss during #ELTChat by voting in the poll each week.


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